Step By Step Guide

Individuals & Families.

1. To obtain a quote for medical or dental you can click on one of the carrier icons listed under "Our Carrier Partners".  At the carriers site you can see medical plans with zero to high deductibles and a built in questionnaire to assist you with the plan selection process.   Both HMO and PPO Dental plans are available for review.    

2.  To Apply : While on the carrier's site you can apply for medical, dental and term insurance.  Before starting the application please have a copy of your most recent medical and dental card, a list of doctors with their address and phone numbers that you have seen in the past 10 years, and a list of medical conditions and prescriptions taken (past 2 years).

3.  For a Personal Touch to find the right plans and premiums to fit your budget  - you can ask for Cindy Lorenzini at 949-636-4884 or fill in your contact info and request at Contact Us.


1.  For a personal review of your needs and a comprehensive listing of HMO, Regional PPO, Medicare Supplement, and Prescription Drug plans - please phone or fill in your contact info and request at Contact Us.  Ask for Cindy Lorenzini at 949-636-4884.

Employer Groups

1.  First prepare an employee census.  A Census Form can be emailed to you by request at Contact Us.  This format includes the employees name, date of birth, home zip code, if coverage is need for self, self+ spouse, self + child(ren) or self + family.  We will do the research for you.

2.  Provide info on existing coverage:    If you have current medical, dental, vision or life coverage in place a copy of the latest billing will assist with the analysis.

3.  For individual and group life, disability or longterm care quotes we will need the employee name, date of birth, home zip code, title, and annual compensation.  A disability and longterm care questionnaire are available to assess needs.

 4. Send your request via Contact Us or email a copy to or fax (949) 612-1844.