Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance (also considered an income protection plan):

* About two-thirds of the disabling injuries suffered by workers in 2002 occurred off the job. 1
* Within 10 minutes, 390 people will suffer a disability. 1
* 20.4 million disabling injuries are reported in 2002; 3.6 million of those were work related. 1
* Women live longer than men – but more women suffer a disability than men. 2

Today career women and men contribute heavily to the welfare of their family. If their income stopped, many family plans would have to be discontinued. Even if unmarried or single, an individual generally has current obligations and future plans. If a disability or illness were to interrupt their career, wouldn’t the prolonged loss of income be a serious blow to your plans for the future?

Types of Disability Plans:

* Voluntary Short Term Disability (Individual & Group coverage from 1 to 365 days)
* Long Term Disability (Individual or Group coverage from 180 to 730 days or age 65)
* Business Expense Disability

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1 Injury Facts, National Safety Council, 2003
2 1985 CIDA and 1980 CSO