Lorenzini Insurance and Financial Associates provides all of our clients personal service and customized solutions in three easy steps:


Contact us for a no obligation, no stress discussion regarding your needs.


We will provide you with program options and recommendations for you to consider


Based on your decisions, we will set up your programs by walking you step by step through the process.

Our Experience

Celebrating our 15th year in business!! With years of experience serving clients throughout Orange County and other counties, we take the time to personally educate you on your options through our diversified portfolio of insurance and financial products for Individuals, Families, Small & Mid Size Groups and Seniors. We are also a certified agent with CoveredCA the California Healthcare Exchange.

We encourage you to review our website, as it will provide you simplified information to help you make a more intelligent decision regarding healthcare and affordable health insurance.

Our Approach

Finding low cost health insurance On or Off the Exchange or alternatives can present a challenge for individuals, seniors or employers. Many become frustrated with the high cost of health insurance and even confused about the many plan choices and/or the coverage offered within the plan. Many Americans find themselves without healthcare coverage!

With premium and cost increases, frustration levels may also rise. You may wonder where to turn in order to maintain coverage at a reasonable costs. This website allows you to obtain health insurance quotes through secure portals and research our service providers instantly. We can assist in finding you affordable insurance and by providing an in-depth analysis of your current situation and needs whether you are an individual, self- employed or a small business.

Our Solution

Now is the time to take the first step toward finding low cost health insurance and saving money on your premiums.

Our associates are standing by and ready to sit down and have no stress, no obligation discussion with your regarding your specific goals and needs. Please contact us for your annual review of benefits 6 months prior to the new year or your renewal date.

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